Antique Museum – The Unsettled Spirit

ANTIQUE MUSEUM – The Unsettled Spirit

The first suspect in the murder of Pilar Hedgel: Nola Acura, the curator of a worn down antique museum, and a childhood friend of the victim. As the private investigator in charge of this case, you must perform the standard interview with anybody who may be involved. You briskly walk up the marble steps to find yourself confronted with large oak double doors. Hesitantly, you try to push them open, to find that they are indeed unlocked. “Hello?” you call out. Your voice shakily echoes down the hallways but there is no answer. You call one more time – only to the same effect. Trying to figure out your next move, you become attracted to the items that are on display instead. Something seems to be calling out to you, as if the collector of these artifacts was somehow permanently tethered to the location. You decide to conduct a canvas search of the facility, hoping to find some thread of a clue that will bring you closer to solving this mystery…