Mystic Jungle


Our dream was literally within our grasps. How did it turn out like this? I was part of an expedition with a team of well over 20 people, tasked with the exploration of the deep jungles of Yucatan Peninsula. Any discovery could lead to a massive breakthrough in cultural history. Our names would be known worldwide. We could leave a legacy. With hopes of a bright future, we came here. Our research led us to believe there were signs of civilization… And we were right.

Unlike other ancient Mayan cities recently rediscovered around the area, what we found had a distinct lack of architecture. There were no stone pyramids or rock alters of any sort. In fact, the living space seemed as if it was one with nature. It gave the impression that whoever lived here were genuinely intertwined with the environment. As we explored the area, we noticed something grim. One by one, members of our team had vanished without signs of struggle. One by one, just suddenly gone.

What was this twisted fate we’ve been cursed with? Did we anger a vengeful spirit? The remaining members look to me for guidance, but what can I say? I’m just as terrified as the next person. Whatever the case may be, it seems that we’re not stronger than fate. Our task is not an easy one. We must assist each other to make it out alive. I’m not going to let another member disappear on me; not a single one.