Anger Room

The anger room is a place where you can bring all of life’s frustrations and let loose to your heart’s content. The concept is simple: you smash stuff, and we take care of the rest. Take a swing at the Anger Room, it’s sure to relieve some stress and put a smile on your face.


One Basket of Glassware to Break (10 items)

It’s Personal

Bring your own stuff!

$30 (up to 10 medium items)

Pissed Off

Around $10-100 Each

(TV, Computer Screens, Printer, and other larger scale items and electronics)


Let’s Get Cracking!

What Do I Wear?

We ask those who are keen on participating to wear clothing that minimize visible skin (long sleeve shirts, jeans, long sleeve flannels).

We also recommend to wear something thick as a secondary layer as there is always a chance of debris flying or ricocheting.

We Provide helmet gear and gloves for protection.

Please do not wear any sandals or any light thin shoe wear.

What Do I Bring?

Every booking comes with one basket of stuff for smashing however, you’re welcome to fill the basket with your own stuff for discount. Also feel free to bring your own music to play over our speakers via aux cable.

What If One Basket Isn’t Enough?

For most people one basket is enough, but if you really need more we have an assortment of items you can buy individually or by the basket. If you’d rather fill up additional baskets on your own we charge a disposal fee of $15 per basket.

How Old Do I Need to Be?

To use the Anger Room you must be 18 years or older with a valid government ID.

Anything Else?

Nope! Let’s get cracking!


Exit Canada (Richmond, BC)

9111 Beckwith Road, Richmond BC

E: [email protected]

P: (604) 999 9975

H: Mon-Thu: 12pm-11:40pm(Last Game) / Fri: 12pm-1:40am(Last Game) / Sat: 12pm-1:40am(Last Game) / Sun: 12pm-11:40pm(Last Game)


We gladly accept walk-ins, however, we recommend our customers to make an online reservation to avoid disappointment as operational hours may change without notice.

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