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How to build a stronger team in 45 minutes?


How to Build a Stronger Team in 45 Minutes


You may be thinking to yourself, do escape rooms really help with teamwork? The answer is yes! Escape rooms are a great way to strengthen a team as it forces you and your teammates to think fast, work together and solve problems under a time constraint. Furthermore, as you experience the escape room together, essential skills such as communication skills and critical thinking will be developed as well! Here are the four reasons as to why you should host your team-building event at an escape room place:

1) It helps members to develop leadership skills
In many of our escape rooms, there are often more than one puzzle to solve at a time. Because of this, groups often need to form smaller teams and split up tasks. The formation of smaller groups will naturally force someone to step up and take on the role of a leader. Because the groups are usually smaller than the ones you encounter at your workplace, it is less intimidating, and you will be surprised to see who has the potential to become a great leader!
2) It allows new strengths and skills to be discovered
Our escape rooms often a wide variety of puzzles, ranging from numerical to visual clues. This allows each member to showcase their specialty and hidden skills! Once again, our puzzles are probably so different from the usual problems at the workplace, that it will show you a new side of your employees.
3) It teaches members to have a sense of acceptance of each other
No matter how strong a team may be, we are all humans and we all make mistakes, which is okay! A team must learn to respect the way others think and to accept others mistakes, as mistakes are often just stepping stones to success. Our puzzles trains people to think outside of the box, but more importantly, it trains them to be bold and shout out whatever idea they could think to unlock the lock. There is no harm in trying the idea, even if it’s the most outstretched idea ever.
4) It trains members to listen and respond to feedback
45 minutes may seem like a long time, but once you are inside our escape rooms, you will realize that that is not the case. Team members must learn from mistakes and listen to other teammates’ feedback in order to successfully escape our rooms. Listening and responding to feedback are essential skills that can be applied later on at our workplace.