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EXIT Atlantis Review

EXIT Atlantis in-house Review!


We understand many customers didn’t know much about each game as they come into EXIT and have a difficult time in choosing the perfect one that they would like to enjoy with their visit.
Therefore, us EXIT has asked our in-house staff to experience each game THEMSELVES and provide their own feedback and experience with each game!

Let us begin with the famous lost city, EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS, a 50 minutes 2 – 10 players game with 3 STARS difficulty.



Atlantis is a country named after Atlas, son of Poseidon, God of the Sea. It has always been a highly civilized country rich in resources, and ever1y Atlantean has been enjoying a peaceful and prosperous life. However, evil is always lurking in the shadows in times of stability. The emperor at the time, Atlan VIII, found out that the world encompasses more land than just Atlantis itself. Succumbing to the evil encouragement from G.O.D. and bewitched by The Power of Corruption, he constantly waged war, wishing to ultimately rule the world. He conquered lands and amassed power, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. His people lived in pain and despair. In order to stop this violent behaviour, the King of Gods, Zeus finally decided to destroy Atlantis, which has become an axis of evil. And thus, he sent a band of warriors with you to eradicate this power and annihilate Atlantis itself…

In-House Review:


Atlantis is kinda spooky. But in a good way though, you feel me? You suffer in the darkness for a bit and if you’re successful you get to see the light! 


Initial forest atmosphere, while leaving some of the younger groups anxious, is pleasantly benign enough to avoid distracting from the puzzles. The distinct changes to the decor as one goes through the 3 rooms adds to the ‘feeling of adventure’ as it were.


A great beginner room for all ages that will test your puzzle solving skills to unlock your way into the lost city of Atlantis and then find a way out.  


Great room for first time players! 


A great starter room for those curious to get started on their journey of escape rooms. Go find that legendary sword.


Great room for all ages to learn about escape rooms with!


A visually stunning set-up that’s perfect for lovers of mythology and fantasy with plenty of surprises set up on the journey to the lost city. 


Overall In-House Review:

The Empire of Atlantis is a visually stunning set-up that’s perfect for lovers of fantasy and mythology. The distinct changes to the decor from room to room make this a great choice for all ages particularly those curious with a sense of adventure and wanting to test their puzzle solving skills in one of the classic EXIT experiences featuring a lock based type gameplay with visual and reading puzzles. Children will especially love the physical element where crawling and pushing are required to access passageways. There are plenty of key props featured in the room that add to the aesthetic, and the ambience of the soft lighting create a magical setting. The soundtrack in each room is very distinct making you feel like you are submerged underwater or inside the depth of a murky cave. Although you may suffer in a bit of darkness those who are successful will find the light. Find that legendary sword!

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