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Halloween Haunted House Escape Game Room

Hallow Nights 2016

This Halloween….

The Most Technological Advanced Haunted House in  Richmond BC.


It’s been several days since you’ve seen anyone. The virus has spread like wildfire. News reports are reporting that the number of infected keeps growing. Friends, neighbours, family, co-workers, the mailman and even the kid that delivers your newspaper have all disappeared. Were they infected? Have they left town?

You’ve been on the run… you’re hungry… you’re tired… you’re lost. And now you’ve stumbled across a downed plane. Maybe there are supplies? Maybe there are survivors? What do you do? You can hear the infected nearby. You decide to take your chances and explore further.

Come explore 11 rooms of terror as you try to escape the infected! You’ll scream… you’ll panic… you’ll stumble in the dark. And you will have to use your wits to get out.

If you’re lucky… maybe you’ll get out alive!


Tickets Available at : www.picatic.com/hallownights2016