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Life Lessons That You Can Learn From An E-Exit Escape Room

Life Lessons That You Can Learn From Escape Room

Life Lessons That You Can Learn From Escape Room.  Escape rooms are incredibly fun, and there’s no denying that.

Few things in life offer the thrill of escaping a room by working together as a team, strategizing a plan, and solving puzzles and riddles using just the contents available within the chamber.

While these qualities are all part of the fun experience, E-Exit’s Escape Rooms offer a lot more than that. Lessons that you learn from can go a long way in helping you solve problems in your personal life or just to help you achieve what you desire. By applying these lessons in situations where you can’t get out of in you daily life, you will be amazed at how effective they can be.

E-Exit Canada presents to you a list of the most valuable life lessons that you can take away from our escape rooms.

Think Ahead

Far-sighted qualities are reflections of a great person. To escape our game rooms, you need to think ahead so that you can plan your next move wisely.

In life too, you can learn to plan ahead instead of waiting for something to happen for you. Try to envision what possibilities lie ahead in future and prepare for them.

Think Outside The Box

Man Thinking Outside The Box

Sometimes problem solving is easy when your answers lie exactly where and what you are looking for. That isn’t a challenge. Real challenges arise when you are required to entertain completely unrelated possibilities to solve a particular problem or situation.

Our escape rooms teach you that. Sometimes don’t look for answers where everybody expects you to look, instead, think out of the box. Take into consideration the entire picture and problem solving get a whole lot easier.

Learn From Your Failures

Someone once said, “Failure is the key to Success.” Our escape room participants will know that there have been numerous times when their plans, their strategies or their “answers” to tricky puzzles have failed miserably. They will also know that because of these mistakes they become wiser in solving the situations that follow.

Solving life problems doesn’t get simpler than this. Learn from your failures and your success will be sweeter.

Rewards Are Sweeter When You Have To Work Harder For It

Our escape rooms contain a variety of puzzles – some are easy and some, tough. The rewards (in this case, keys or answers to escape) vary according to how much effort the puzzle requires to be solved.

Life, similarly, functions in the same way. The harder you work towards a goal, the more rewarding it is. Sometimes you may not be rewarded instantly or justly, but at the least, you will be able to live with the fact that you have achieved what you set out for.

Teamwork Is Synonymous With Efficiency And Success

All our escape rooms require people to play and work as a team. Try completing them alone and be prepared to fail, over and over again. But try working with your friends, your family, strangers or whoever is inside with you trying to escape the same room and notice how quickly and easily you are able to crack the puzzles.

Whether it’s at work or your personal life, be welcoming to people who can help you by working as a team.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Young Man Asking for Help

Not straying too far off from teamwork, sometimes in life, it is okay to ask for help. You might get stuck solving some of our puzzles, just like you might while trying to solve life problems, but don’t let pride get in your way.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is an indication that you have the courage to admit your weaknesses or failures and that you are willing to ask for help.

Never Underestimate the Power Of Random Knowledge

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People are like a box of surprises. For instance, you may be someone who finds yourself weird because you love and have a keen interest in ropes and knots. But then you meet someone who seems equally strange because they love furniture. Funny, right? But these are the possibilities that you need to prepare for if you meet some stranger who is in the same escape room as you.

Now, what if you had to solve a puzzle that requires you to open a knot? Or to identify a particular kind of antique table?

Life, too, can throw random surprises that would require random knowledge to solve them. Never underestimate the power of random knowledge.

These life lessons are something that you can apply in all your endeavors for the rest of your life. And you learn all of this through an escape room!

Why don’t you visit one of our E-Exit Escape Rooms available at various locations across BC and Alberta? You might even learn a bunch of other lessons that we missed out on.