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Love Pokemon Go Like Crazy? Find Your New Addiction in Escape Games Now

Pokémon Go had hit the market in early July 2016, and the world has gone crazy. More than 7.5 million users had downloaded the game in the U.S. alone. Although Pokémon Go is massively appealing, Real Life Escape Games are no less. Don’t believe it? We have 5 great reasons to support this statement.

Reason #1 – Curiosity

When escape games meet your ear first, it’s possible that you might already have a clue about the concept of room escape gaming, but what’s for sure is that you’ll never be able to know how it exactly works unless you experience it yourself. It’s a mystery everyone wants to decode. The crowd is curious to know how hard it is to escape and exit from the live game room.


Where am I heading over next?

Reason #2 – Challenge

Ofttimes, folks get obsessive about room escape games on account of its challenging nature. This game dares people to investigate hints in a limited period of time. In today’s world, a healthy competitive vigor is lost somewhere, whether we talk about an adult’s life driven by a 9 to 5 job or a child’s life steered by the school syllabus. Our souls and bodies are always craving for a competitive energy. In such a scenario, an escape game is surely manna from heaven to quench this hunger.


Who’s going to win? Are you will to take the challenge?

Reason #3 – Explore

Every man jack desires to explore neoteric things and hanker to feel the pleasure of being the first to witness, to have a shot, and to score. The public loves to play a secret snoop and have a fully-immersive experience. Despite the fact that an escape game is only a game, the kind of adventure, thrill, and exploration that it offers is fascinating for one and all.


Let the Adventure Begin.

Reason #4 – Luck

Who doesn’t love to try their luck? Frankly, we all do! Once, twice, and thrice and an endless number of times! When we want to win something, are we satisfied once we’ve been victorious? Or on the contrary, do we stop, after we’ve failed once? No, right? This example holds true for escape games too. Thousands of people try their luck every week in the numerous dozen escape games, and so it’s okay to link “trying your luck” to drugs.


You are LUCKY if you can find a rare Pokemon. Image Source: Pokemon Gozilla


Reason #5 – Endless Variations

With a myriad of ideas and themes, a live room escape gaming facility has become a game that people can never get enough of. The path towards the exit will never be the same, and so break in will be a different fun every time. No two rooms will look identical, every time you’ll find new riddles, new puzzles and new hints, which is why getting bored is out-of-the-question. And so it’s all right to say that when people get to ride the exhilarating endless waves of joy in the escape game rooms, they are absorbed totally.

Are you always curious about finding out secrets? Do you love to explore new ventures? Are you mad about winning? Is trying out your luck your favorite hobby? Then, the depths of an escape room await you! Book your room today and test your feet and brain! In an escape game room, players will be presented with engaging puzzles, riddles, and mechanical components that will allow you & your team to navigate towards the exit when solved. The Exit Canada room escape game is difficult, yet never unsolvable. If you’ve never experienced an escape game before, then you must, and soon you will also apprehend why people have found their new addiction in escape games such as Exit Canada. Simply head over to any one of Exit Canada’s various locations to try and escape!



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