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Popularity at extreme for escape gaming adventures!

Ten years back, who would have imagined, the applied science could serve human lives in such a thrilling fashion! Escape game rooms offer people a real life chance of experiencing the unreal world of war, games, history, fights, and an entirely different world of fantasies. Imagine yourself locked in a room that is full of mystery creatures, where you get bombarded with one on one thrashing events. Just like those you experienced while watching science fiction motion pictures in a three or four-dimensional feel.

Here we are, taking live, of course! And not about any beating speaker sounds or dimensional kicks of a small theater, but about the real adrenaline-fueled missions you have to accomplish like a true hero! This implies you have to confront the real villains as well, only cut short the fear of creepy and grotesques life threats. After all, it’s all a set-up and nothing serious, for which you have paid.

Coming back to a more literal description, “escape gaming” happens in a technologically designed room, where you are locked with a few other people to obtain clues and solve puzzles as to cross a given mission and break loose back into the reality.

To quote the eminent sociologist Margee Kerr:

We perform better under the right level of arousing that can occur from factors like stress, anxiety, fun, and so forth.” She is well known for her researches on fear and human brain abilities. Also, she puts forward, “enduring little stress is good while accepting a test or striving a challenge.


The concept of live gaming rooms is attracting overwhelming popularity around the world. In fact, escape games and immersive experiences are the latest entertainment trend. The live gaming growth has reached to indispensable extreme heights by increasing from zero animate build-ups since 2010 to a total of 2800 today. The calculation is presented by MarketWatch, which is based on the rooms recorded to the escape-room directories.

serach for clue in the escape room

Members seraching for clue in the escape room. Source: Windsor Star

The top favorite rooms preferred among all other gaming thrills include stories about escaping from an unpleasant place like a prison or simply running without any narration. Likewise, engaging with the occult mysteries, role playing of the spy or getting involved into the kidnapping events are popular as well. Solving a murder case or defusing an explosive are among the rest highly favored options to choose from numerous gaming room themes.

Escape rooms are not solely a simple technology for adventure; they help in boosting teamwork ideologies of the members locked inside. It is a fantastic concept if seen from a different perspective of mere gaming!

Globally, there are countless escaping theaters based in more than 619 cities. This means, that there are possible chances of one also being situated nearby your location, no matter what region or country you belong to.

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