Sweet Revenge

The sea breeze washes over you, followed by the smell of the port and the sound of seagulls. You gotta admit, when your friend approached you with the idea of taking his uncle’s boat out for a fishing trip, you were a little worried at first – after all, your friend has no captaining experience, and there were reports of a storm rolling in. However, all worries were washed away by the beautiful sight of the ocean before you. Maybe you were paranoid for nothing…
Or maybe you should’ve listened to your gut.
Rumble. Crash. Boom.
The storm came in faster than anyone could expect, and before you know it, the ship capsizes, and you are struggling to keep your head above water. You grasp around and luckily grab hold of a bouy. After a couple of deep breaths to steady yourself, you survey the situation – luckily, it seems that all your friends managed to grab hold of various pieces of flotsam. But with the capsized ship and no land in sight, it’s only a matter of time before exhaustion takes you.
Hours pass, the night falls, and hope falters within the group. Everyone was conserving energy and staying silent until someone said “Do you guys hear that?” You perk up your ears but hear nothing at first over the sound of the waves. But then, suddenly, you start hearing faint… singing? Seemingly from the sweetest voice you’ve ever heard in your life. Not long after, the waves break in the distance and from the foggy sea comes an ominous, decrepit boat – one that in any other situation, you wouldn’t even consider getting on. You and your friends look at each other, shrug, and climb aboard…

Please note that this theme involves wood as part of the decorations and is not recommended for those with allergies.



Maximum: 8 players

Minimum: 2 players



50 minutes to win.





Participants must be at least six years old to enter our games. For youths 6 – 12 years old, we also require at least one adult (19+) to be amongst the participants.




*Special accommodations can be made as needed.




Ladies Night

Every Thursday is “Ladies Night,” during which all females in the group receive 20% off their escape room admission.
To all the boys and men out there, celebrate the MVP in your life, whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, and/or grandmother by giving them an escape room experience to remember.

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  • Please arrive 20-25 minutes before your games since we require time for payment and preparation.
  • There is no video recording or photography in our game rooms. Please keep the secrets from other players.
  • Do not bring flashlights, electronic devices, or writing utensils into the game rooms.
  • Please confirm the details of your reservation according to the confirmation emails.

Cancellation Policy

  • If there are any changes in your participant numbers or cancellations, please give us a minimum of 3 hours’ notice so other customers can enjoy our games.
  • Failure to do so may result in difficulties making reservations in the future, as you may be blacklisted.