• Antique Museum - The Unsettled Spirit
    2-7 PLAYERS
    45 MINS
    2-7 PLAYERS
    45 MINS
  • CABIN 13
    2-7 PLAYERS
    45 MINS
    2-7 PLAYERS
    45 MINS


How do we book a reservation?
We highly recommend you to book your reservation through our online booking list as it is the most convenient way to check the available time as well as the themes you want to play at the same time. However, booking via phone is also an alternative.
Do you take walk-ins?
Walk in customers are allowed, however we cannot guarantee you will have a spot without a reservation; especially on weekends as we are then the busiest. Customers are suggested to book their reservation 2-3 weeks in advance in order to guarantee themselves a spot.
Do we have to have 7 people in order to participate in the game?
If you have less than 6 in your team, there is a very high chance of other players booking it at the same time as you when they see the availability on the online booking list.
I would rather not play with strangers, what can I do?
The best way is to gather 6 more other friends to join your team, if you want to avoid playing with strangers. However, there were instances where customers would book and pay for all availability for their game.
Do you provide lockers to store our belongings and is it safe?
Absolutely, we provide complimentary lockers for all of your personal belongings so they will be safe, secure and locked during your game.
Do you ever change the things inside?
We change the puzzles and locations of the clues periodically; it depends on the performances of our customers. For version updates, please continue to check our Facebook page.
Do we pay online?
We do not take online payments. Everything will be paid up front.
What if I need to make changes or cancel a reservation?
Please let us know at least 3 hours prior to your game.
I heard that your success rate is 1%, is that true? That sounds ridiculously difficult.
Yes, our success rate is roughly 1%. Our games are indeed quite challenging, and we continue to look for those who could take our challenge.
Does that mean no one could ever make it out unless they play a couple of times? That sounds like a waste of money!
No, we actually did have groups that made it out in just one try, even for the Psychiatric Unit, our hardest theme out of the four. So it is definitely possible.
Is there anything I should be aware of before playing these games?
Our Military Base theme involves hay as part of the decorations, and our Cabin 13 theme is constructed of real wood, so they are not recommended for players with allergies to these materials.

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