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Celebrate this Christmas with escape gaming surprises and thrills!

Christmas is nearby! On this festive day, some of us go shopping, enjoy movies and explore restaurants, while many others celebrate the day with their families and friends in their comfortable homes. Nevertheless, spending a day at the escape gaming destination will be different from all the other things that you have typically planned to do on the day of Christmas.

Life can be incredibly annoying at times, especially when you follow same regular routines of going to the office and coming back home to sleep. Christmas season brings new enthusiasm every year. On this festive period, you can enjoy escape gaming in full to attain maximum stimulating satisfaction in the strict life rules. It is not a new phenomenon but was first introduced in 2006, and there onwards grew its popularity globally. It spread to the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Israel and mainland China in the 2010s. Whereas, it later grew in North and South America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and still continues to reach extreme heights.

Such fame defines the thrilling existence of the live gaming rooms that creates a real world out of your highly desired fantasies. Fulfilling your full imaginations in an exciting and bold manner, the ecstasies of these live rooms are nowhere to escape, in whichever country you are seeking for it.

The idea behind talking in positive spirits about real gaming thrills is to assist you to spend a fantastic time with your dear ones on the grand occasion of Christmas. After all, you and your close ones deserve a splendid time together to escape the dullness of the routine life. The South China Morning published an entire post on the admiration of escape rooms among highly stressed students and timeworn young professionals. 

Imagine yourself locked inside a live mystery room, just to find a zombie staring you right in your eye, or you are sailing on a pirate ship or maybe fighting live wars just like your favourite star war characters. And as you desperately search for clues, challenging your wild imagination of fighting superheroes and villains, in reality, your escape chances keep on running out. Your ordinary life gets transformed into live adventures of escaping zombies, ghosts, pirates, criminals, aliens, ancient creatures and so forth!

Escape in real time

Escape at real time

How does it feel? Exciting, isn’t it? The live gaming adventures offer an excellent way to escape your ordinary life to experience unoriginal illusions in real! And with Christmas coming along, what else could be the best occasion to change the monotonous theme of celebrations.

Now it’s up to you to decide, whether you want to spend your Christmas with your much-loved people in an exciting manner that you never had experienced before or follow the usual festive frames. To experience the lightning strikes and thunders, book a session at Exit Canada now. Our offered live gaming series will confuse you to choose between reality and fantasy. All you will love to do will be exploring more of our live gaming rooms until you get exhausted of escaping demons, solving murder cases, cracking codes, escaping suspense mysteries and much more than you can imagine!