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Resident Evil Escape Room

EXIT Resident Evil in-house Review

EXIT – Resident Evil in-house Review:

Continue with our exclusive EXIT Resident Evil in-house Review, today EXIT presents Resident Evil.

Resident Evil, a 50 minutes 3 – 10 players game with 3 STARS difficulty.


Resident Evil PREVIEW:

Experience the origin story of Umbrella Corporation, the masterminds behind the famous Resident Evil zombie outbreak.
You assume the role of innocent interns working at the prestigious biotechnology company, Umbrella, when suddenly the building enters lockdown.
Hours pass by and there’s not even a peep on when the lockdown will end. You decide to dig around the storage room you’re locked in for a way out when you discovered a secret laboratory no one knew about…
What kind of research goes on in this “HIVE” laboratory? There’s only one way to find out.

In-House Review:


A fun gadget based room with unique puzzles to solve and make your way.


Experience the might of the Umbrella Corporation by escaping their laboratory and killing zombies. Perfect for any Resident Evil fan.


Expendable group stuck in a underground lab?check. Crazy AI wanting you dead? Check. Just a tad familiar if you know the series.


Inspired more by the movies than the games, Resident Evil is a fun gadget based room that comes with the “infamous” laser hallway; bypass the security and destroy the AI before the mercenaries (or the AI) seal you inside the lab forever.


My favourite theme, cool gadget puzzles, and some great nods to the RE franchise.


Lots of great references to the popular video game adaptation and a colorful ambience make this a perfect setting for an action thriller.


Similar to LOST but turned up a bit. Great nod to the RE franchise. The eerie lighting and music add a lot to the whole experience.


Overall In-House Review:

Resident Evil is an infectious thrill ride providing lots of great nods from the highly successful video game adaptation. Ultimately the set-up is more reminiscent of the equally popular film series, specifically 2002’s Resident Evil with Umbrella Corporation’s underground laboratory, “The Hive” upfront and center. The eerie lighting and music add towards the dramatic atmosphere in every room. Just like LOST, this game features unique gadget puzzles and more physicality is required to progress from certain points that could either make or break your chances of escaping. Experience the might of a top pharmaceutical company’s defenses, The Red Queen, an AI designed to keep anything from entering or leaving the facility. Expendable group stuck in a underground lab? Check. Crazy AI wanting you dead? Check

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