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Top 10 Live Escape Room Players- Which Type Are You?

Do you conduct yourself by reason rather than emotion? Are you an impatient person? Do you consider yourself organized? What is your focus – the present or the future? Do you love being a part of a challenging, fast-paced environment? Are you always keen on finishing what you began? Is flexibility a part of your nature? Does doing the wrong things afraid you? Are you a social being? Do you easily get intimated? Can you work under stress? Well, well, well! There are all sorts of people in this world and how you are in real life means a lot to what kind of escape game room player you are!

Are you in for some spooky fun? If you really want to escape from locked rooms within the given time, it’s necessary to build a great team. Some of the most successful teams are composed of various types of players with complementary skills. Understand the top 10 escape room players to create the toughest Escape Game group!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

#10 – The Clever Calculator

Numbers, numbers, numbers. While most people hate maths, this person has always been able to see exactly why 1+1=2, find a pattern in numbers, solve substitution ciphers and make calculations quicker, easier and accurate. Are you a numerical person too?

#9 – An Over-Analyzer

This person begins seeking hints as soon as he enters the game room. Key, letters and any other object is the center of attention for this mortal. Pro: he/she is an out-of-the-box thinker; con: an ample of time is wasted in guessing codes based on every object the player comes across. Do you think you might be an over-analyzer?

#8 – A Leading Light

A team parent, front-runner, pioneer, pacemaker or a leading light- this is the player who ensures that the team moves in the correct direction. Extremely confident in his abilities, appoints people to puzzles, keeps all the other players excited and immersed in the game and puts his team on his back – with this person in a team, the destination is never too far! Are you the one?

#7- The Desperate

Bold, confident, forceful & competitive, the desperate player has only one goal, which is “do or die!” This person runs around the room hysterically, break everything, slip on the floor, shout at other players to find more clues, make situations tiresome, yet keep everyone determined to win the battle. Are you willing to go to any length to escape? Then, probably, you’re the desperate player!

#6- The Scatterbrain

AIRCRAFT HIJACKFlighty, thoughtless, disorganized, commitment-phobic, least contributing- mostly known as the scatterbrain! Don’t say you’re the one! Or are you? Well, whatever be your answer, it’s alright! Why? It’s simple! You don’t want to be erroneous or maybe want to experience every part of the room, and so, you are both helpful and respectful of other teammates’ contribution in the game. You will surely get a big hug from other team players at the end of the game for your great ideas.

#5 – The Spectator

“Shh!” Albeit an acronym, this three letter word is an escape room player’s trait. He/she is the quiet one, an observer, a spectator; solves puzzles, discovers exciting clues, and yet stay tight-lipped. This type of player never shows off his/her achievements and always has amazing ideas in mind. If you are the spectator, remember, if you trust yourself enough, you can move mountains! Really!

#4- The Natural

You may be bemused inside the escape room and have no idea why you are there or what you are meant to be doing, yet you love to enjoy your time in there. Such a player plans to attempt an escape game merely for an experience; he expects nothing out of it and mostly, leaves everyone stunned with his abilities. To be true, a natural like this is a perfect fit for the ultimate real life escape game like EXIT Canada.

#3 – The Discoverer

This person is similar to a curious child, who has the strength to get into everything. The discoverer is a type of player, who searches the room in every corner for any possible hints. Since this player comes across everything one might need to escape the game room, he/she is a valuable teammate. If you’re the discoverer type, you rock!

#2 – An Over-Looker

Completely opposite to an over-analyzer, an over-looker often walks casually through the game, almost without giving a damn to the world. Unlike over-analyzers who think everything is a sign, an over-looker disregards everything else in the room and believes that only objects that bulge out are clues. At the end of it all, this person is the one who unravels that overarching puzzle.

Edmonton#1 – The Locksmith

The Locksmith has a great amount of trust in his capabilities and luck. This player can do wonders with only a few clues at hand; cracking any combination locks in the whole world is his specialty. For the locksmith, escape room is more of a mental game rather than a physical one. So what if other team players hate the locksmith for extracting the fun out of puzzle solving, they also depend on this character to get them out on time.

In your Room Escape gaming experience, you can see who takes which role in your group. Be it a corporate team building activity or friends or family adventure, once you get into a room escape gaming facility, hopefully, a successful team will transpire, and everyone can work together to escape within the time limit of 45 minutes!

Forget the computer simulated environment, and get ready to play your way through a real-life mystery video game. Celebrate your escape triumphs with Exit Canada, who aim to bridge the gap between virtual reality and the real world. The Exit Canada experience is perfect for new as well as the most experienced game players in British Columbia.

Have you previously experienced an escape gaming room? Yes? Then, amongst the top 10 live escape room players, who do you see yourself relating the most with? Some people may fit into one single category, while others may not. Or if you have never really experienced a mystery room before, you can find out which type of escape room player will you be by heading over to any one of Exit Canada’s various locations to try and escape!

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