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Ultimate Escape Game Experience For Australians and Canadians Alike Zedtown – Australia’s Real-Life Escape Game


A low-pitched but shuddering growl echoes through an empty street in Sydney University, Australia. Suddenly, a shriek resonates all around as a young woman appears from behind some trees, running for her life.

Chasing her is a scrawny and hideous looking man covered in bloodied rags. The look on his terrifying, expressionless face says that he wants to eat her. It sounds like a scene straight out of a zombie apocalypse film. Frightening, isn’t it?

Well, this is what you get, if you enter Zedtown! Welcome to Australia’s real world zombie-themed tag game. Because gaming on a platform virtually is too mainstream, the creators of Zedtown have come up with this new concept of “live-action” gaming where people who have grown up playing video games in a virtual world, can experience it in the real world. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Armed with toy blaster guns, most players start as survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Usually, only one, two or three players begin as secret zombies. Over the course of the game, the zombies begin to hunt down the survivors and tag them and turn them into zombies. It is up to the remaining survivors to survive till the end or escape Zedtown.

Initiated by Dave Harmon in 2012, a group of 80 people were confined within the walls of Sydney University in Australia to play the “live-action” game. As it gradually gained popularity, Zedtown grew into an annual event and spread across the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. With each event being conducted under new and innovative plots and settings, the game has seen over 3300 players partake in it in the past year.

2015 was a successful year as the first event was sold out in under 5 minutes of going on sale. The last Zedtown, themed as “Zedtown: Dead South” was held last month, on the 17th of September, with over 1000 participants filling the campus of the University of New South Wales.

Escape Gaming

The concept of Zedtown is one that is derived from the ever-growing concept of escape gaming. Escape games are a form of new-age gaming where players are placed in escape rooms or a confined area. The physical adventure escape game requires them to escape the room or area by solving a series of puzzles that are made out of the elements within the confined area.

The appeal of this concept for players lies in the fact that they happen in real-life. It takes the thrill of a virtual game and brings it out, adding a whole new dimension to gaming.

The Canadian Escape Game Experience

Canada may be half a globe away from Australia but this doesn’t mean that Canadians have to travel all the way to Australia just to experience the thrill of an escape game.

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