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Where to go Toronto EXIT Yorkville

Where to go in Toronto

Where to go in Toronto?  EXIT Yorkville Escape Room!

Wondering where to go in Toronto? Are you a tourist? Here is a suggestion for you!

Yorkville in Toronto is an area you can find great restaurants, nice retail brands and of cause, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!

EXIT Yorkville is definitely in the “Where to go in Toronto” top list.

Our EXIT Yorkville Escape Room location has just been opened 2 months ago, so please give us a visit to experience the adventure!

Themes available :

Great Diamond Heist

Dark Ritual

Chamber of Serpents

That Sinking Feeling

Galaxy Far Away


We have enough themes to serve you all day for your eagle of puzzle and riddle solving!


EXIT Yorkville Escape Room Review Review:


Fun experience with friends! Would definitely recommend for any group activity that’s fun and different!!!!


Ojas was amazing! We loved the “Sinking Feeling” escape room. Thought it was really well done. We will definitely be back for another!


The Chamber of Serpents room was epic. So many well designed rooms! The puzzles were quite sophisticated and fun to solve. I was happy that they gave us a few more minutes to solve the last puzzle, because it took a “Eureka” moment to crack the code!



What EXIT Yorkville Escape Room staff want to say:

During this difficult time, we are trying our best to keep up with all the safety standard and making sure to put maximum effort on providing a safe place for players to enjoy their moments.


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