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Welcome to EXIT Canada, a place where the fantasy world appears before your eyes. From the moment you step in, you’ll be transported to a universe of your wildest imagination. There are endless possibilities when you choose to explore the world of EXIT, where you can display your marvels and artistry in many ways. EXIT is the ultimate playground for you to battle and conquer our Game Master. Unleash the hidden skills from within and rise to the challenge!

We're Family

We embrace our hardworking environment by supporting each other and enjoying our time with all the players, At Exit, it’s about loving what we do and having fun while doing it.

We're Innovative

We created a universe where you can travel through time and space in the blink of an eye, where you can control your destiny with your brilliance and imagination.

We're Passionate

Our team continually push for quality experiences for our guests and business excellence for any potential collaborators

We Bring Fantasy Into Reality

Our mantra is to bridge the gap between virtual reality and the real world, where one can be rid of a computer simulated environment and physically experience an adventure.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of talented individuals that bring unique assets together. Mr. EXIT goes to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to create not just an effcient team, but a well-rounded and talented workforce.

Justin T.

Justin T.


“EXIT is a world that will bring everyone’s fantasy into reality. My fantasy is a multi-entertainment playground that everyone can enjoy. EXIT, too, will bring this fantasy into reality.”

Eric Y.

Eric Y.

Operations Team Lead

“The greatest assets of a company are employees – they foster innovations and ideas, which become your strategic competitive advantages. I am proud to be an asset for EXIT Canada that continuously establishes new success in Canada.”

Lester L.

Lester L.

Creative Team Lead

“Humankind has always been fascinated with make-believe. As children, we make-believe in the playground. As youth, we make-believe in video games and in the theatres. As adults, we make-believe in stories and legends. At EXIT, we bring you so close to your imagination that it’s not so make-believe anymore. You simply just believe.”

Kyle D.

Kyle D.

Artistic Director

“Art is a manifestation of thought, and it should not be the prerogative of a chosen few. I think a piece of illustrious artwork empowers people to admire, enjoy, comprehend and recognize, and it is not to be copied and criticized. Exit Canada is the home for creative minds, and from here I can find the balance between business and art. I love what I do and I enjoy being a part of the Exit family.”


Our team

Alice C., Ashley Y., Blayne M., Bryan C., Caron L, Chris L., Claire L., Giovanni G., Haley H.
Icy T., James W., Jason T., Jeffrey S., Madsion C., Maegen A., Nathan L., Paolo H., Sara R.


More About Us

Our World

Imagine. A universe where you can travel through time and space in the blink of an eye; where you can control your destiny with your brilliance and imagination; where gaming and having fun is the only way of life. From the ancient empires to the Milky Way, you can find a wealth of excitement you never thought possible before. Whether you want to explore uncharted realms or simply surge through the skies, Mr. EXIT will lead the way.

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Richmond Beckwith
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Birthday Player Free!

Happy birthday! Visit any EXIT Canada location(s) with a piece of government-issued photo identification to verify your birthday and you will receive FREE admission for yourself on your birthday! However, if you have other festivities planned on your birthday, we do give an exception of 50% off for up to two days before and after your birthday.

EXIT Canada is the first to bring the ultimate real life escape game to North America. As a team, we are continuing to establish ourselves as the most entertaining and recognized reality gaming experience. Our high quality and state of the art technologies allow customers to enjoy something they have never experienced before. We also strive to bring new adventures for our customers to encounter. As such, we always welcome experienced entrepreneurs to drive our business forward.

Our team consists of industry professionals that support new entrepreneurs from starting up to managing ongoing operations. We continually pursue innovative ways to achieve a profitable and sustainable business opportunity.

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Featured Clients

EXIT Canada is the leader of trendy entertainment and new ways of having fun. Due to the nature of our creative gameplay, our ultimate real-life gaming experience is the optimal choice for team building events. For corporate reservations of over 18 participants, we do offer times outside of our operating hours. We will require a 50% deposit of the total payment, as well as the primary contact’s phone number, email address, and a list of the participant names. For inquiries and further information, please feel free to contact us at info@e-exit.ca or call us at (604)-370-5555. We want to thank the following companies for having their corporate events here at EXIT Canada! We sincerely apologize if your company had a team building event at EXIT but is not on the list. Please contact us and we’ll add you below in our next update.


Regular Membership
  • - Offers 10% discount
  • - Life-time guarantee
  • - Transferable
  • - Can be applied in any EXIT Canada location(s)
  • - Some promotion events are for membership only
Business Membership
  • - Offers 15% discount
  • - Life-time guarantee
  • - Transferable
  • - Can be applied in any EXIT Canada location(s)
  • - Some promotion events are for membership only
Terms and Conditions
  • - EXIT Canada reserve the rights for the final decision on the usage of the membership card
  • - Regular Membership Card only accepts increments of every $100 dollars
  • - Business Membership Card only accepts increments of every $300 dollars
  • - The card balance must be enough to cover for the discounted price of each game
  • - The card balance is non-refundable

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