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Night Life and Party with Drink and Escape Room

Customize your corporate event with drinks! We have had the pleasure of hosting team-building events for multiple big companies in the past, so you know you can rely on us when it comes to corporate events, but we have made it even better and personalized! EXIT Beckwith now offers additional features to make your corporate […]

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What to do in Kamloops, BC, Canada?

Wondering what to do in Kamloops? EXIT has now opened new location in Kamloops! Make a booking with them now! Welcome to EXIT Kamloops! We are a live escape room gaming facility in the thompson region! From the moment you step in, your team will be transported into a universe beyond your wildest imagination. There […]

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Family Activities

Let’s do some Family Activities!   EXIT Canada is the perfect location for fun family activities in Canada. Invite a large group to compete, bring a small team to work alongside others, or book an entire room to include your little ones! No expertise is needed: find clues, solve puzzles, and work together to escape with […]

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Escaping the Live Game Is All About Teamwork

Stop running out of confusion! Plan a clever tactic first, know where you are leading in the live game so as to solve the puzzles and escape on time! Nevertheless, you can make your work easier if you are willing to understand and learn the importance of working together as a team. Escape game rooms have […]

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Almost Chinese New Year

  It is almost Chinese New Year: a time when Chinese people celebrate for the good fortune to come in the new year. But most importantly, it is family time! Always remember to spend some time with the loved ones who always had your back during your hard times. A simple dim sum hangout or […]

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New Escape Game Launched!

We are happy to announce that Maximum Security is finally launched at EXIT Garden City! Maximum Security is a completely new experience offered at our Garden City location where, unlike our traditional escape room, involves live actors and has no “boxes” to unlock.You will be locked up in prison, and you must dodge the guards […]

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